Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Minstral Show Returns

The Show which kicked off the World United Music project in 2010 returns to YouTube after a five year hiatus, to bring you the best and latest music being made from around the world. We are now ready to launch the next phase of World United Music through album reviews, artist promotion and video production including the Re-Launch of the Minstral Show.

The goals of this project are to bring the world of music together within a unique showcase to support Signed, Unsigned and Independent artists while also presenting the best music to music fans on one website.

Be sure to also check out the playlists which highlight the best music being made in the mp3 age (2000 to the present). Playlists are ready to stream with a click or a tap.

Be sure to Subscribe to the World United Music Channel on YouTube for the latest episodes of the Minstral Show. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

The Minstral Show (2017) – Click or Tap to Stream Music

World United Music Promotions

Rock, Alternative - 2010 to 2019

Progressive Rock – (2000 to 2019)

Psychedelic, Alternative, New Wave, Dark Wave – (2000 to 2019)

Pop Rock – (2000 to 2019)

Rhythm and Blues – (2000 to 2019)

Folk Rock, Acoustic – (2010 to 2019)

Soft Rock, Lite Rock – (2010 to 2019)

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal – (2000 to 2019)

Punk Rock, High Energy Rock n Roll – (2000 to 2019)

Southern Rock, Alt Country – (2000 to 2019)

Classic, New Age Classic

New Age Alternative

Ambient, Electronic, Relaxation

Legends of Rock – Where They Are Today

Music for the Revolutionary Mind