Wednesday, May 19, 2010

John Palmer

About: John Palmer

I have been producing sounds since i was really young , when I managed to get my hands on a very old reel to reel tape machine and started experimenting .Since then I played guitar and wrote songs in a indie punky band , toured, made albums and worked in Studios. Now I work from my home studio using synths, groove boxes, guitars and vocals to produce mainly ambient electronic music.

I have been making music and art since I can remember. As a child, I loved recording sound and drawing, and have been creating music, and art ever since. My sculptures are mainly from clay, but I also make short surreal films, paint and sculpt using stone and metal.

The music I create is Experimental, ambient, electronic, recording voice, guitars and using synthesizers. I have recently been experimenting with video as a way to combine both art forms of music & sculpture together. Video has been a great way for me to combine both my passions and creativity.


Cloudesley Road

I Tried to say Goodbye

A Time Far Away

Black Sky

Frozen Like a Stone

Darkening Sky Ambient Remix

Darkening Sky

Spirals Falling



Only One Way to Go




Surreal Pencil Drawings


John Palmer – Official Website - Music
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John Palmer - MySpace
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John Palmer – Youtube – (External Control)
John Palmer – YouTube - (World Inside a World)
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