Thursday, April 24, 2014

Michael Mazochi

About: Michael Mazochi

Michael Mazochi has been perusing the evolution of expression for the better part of a decade. His work ranges from folk, to country, to... indie rock, to pop, to rock and roll. His more instrumentally dense work with his band "The Von Furs" is an exploration of pop, psychedelic, garage and good old fashioned rock n' roll while his solo work tends towards the more intimate confessions of a solo artist.

The Von Furs began life as a studio project for Michael Mazochi (past winner of Folk Album of the Year and Folk Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the LA Music Awards). Based in Los Angeles, and following an extensive string of placements on hit t.v. shows like "New Girl", "True Blood", "Hart of Dixie", and "Gossip Girl" along with a spot in a "Coca-Cola" commercial, he decided it was time to put together a band of friends & musicians to play the songs he had been writing and recording. Blending a love for 60's Americana (Bob Dylan, Neil Young), Classic British Pop (The Beatles, The Kinks) and Indie Rock (Pavement, The Walkmen) The Von Furs set out to fill a gap in the fabric of modern indie rock. Building upon time spent in upstate NY and a cabin in the Angeles National Forest while tucked away and working tirelessly, Mazochi blended together his influences to produce something new and timeless.

The Von Furs is the next step in the life work of Michael Mazochi. "Love & Taxidermy" is the debut album set to be released this spring. The Von Furs will be playing out and around LA in the year to come in support of the album

Band Members:

Michael Mazochi - Vocals, Guitar, Album Stuff
Tedd Buffa - Bass
Jordan Gravely - Guitar
Richard Ponce - Guitar, Keys
Elly Swope - Drums, Vocals

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